Casdoor + Casbin Enterprise On-Premise Service

Enterprise On-Premise service of Casdoor + Casbin provided by Casbin Inc.

  1. The On-Premise service in this page requires you to provide the infrastructure (machine, database, etc.). If you don't offer these, please choose our SaaS version:
  2. One year license or multi-year license are both provided. If you go with multi-year license, please select 1 quantity of "first year" license and desired quantity of "additional years" licenses.
  3. For first-time customer, you should also select the one-time deployment service.
  4. If you need help for migrating to a new hosting location or database after the deployment, you can choose the migration service.
  5. We provide 8x5 technical support services during the license validity period.

Hardware requirements:

  1. A machine (can be cloud VM or physical machine) with Linux OS (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc. , 2c4g+) or Windows OS (4c8g+)
  2. A database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)
  3. (Optional) Redis
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Casdoor + Casbin Enterprise On-Premise Service

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